Day 5 on our Overseas Teacher Training Trip

Well today was a bit of an eventful day… 

It wasn’t until towards the end of the day that the chaos began, I was watching the afternoon seminar on the main activities when I saw Katelyn come downstairs and tap Nicola on the shoulder. After that there was a lot of movement, running up and downstairs, frantic whispers and general hustle and bustle. A few minutes into the commotion Stacey picked up on the general chaos and added to the running around. All very strange so far, I did think something very bad had happened from all the movement behind me. A few moments later I was asked to go and find a stick…what?!…I still hadn’t cottoned on but went ahead in my search. As I was walking up and down the dirt pathway (surprisingly there was no sticks) one of the women that worked at the school spotted me and ordered a child up a tree to try and rip one down. He wasn’t having much luck however there was a group of people who were watching the whole ordeal came to our aid and I came away with two pretty flimsy sticks. 
I went upstairs to the bathroom, the bathroom where there are drop toilets…maybe you’re starting to figure out what had happened?
Katelyn had gone to the toilet and her phone had dropped down the very deep hole in the ground. After trying to fish it out with some sticks and having no luck our little stick friend appeared with some plastic bags. Nicola stepped up to the challenge, our hero of the week! 
On went the plastic bags and down went her hand…I will just finish by saying we now have a phone resting in a bowl of rice, a slightly traumatised Nicola and a very happy Katelyn. 
Quote of the day was by Miss Kat Kameron – “Katelyn had really stinky reception” 
So that was our drama of the day! Back to the reason we are here. 
I was with group 3 today (Baz, Caitlin and Angela) who are working with 3 schools for the week – Janta, Children Happy and Vivek.
We started off at Janta where I watched a couple of Angela’s teachers. Two of them were using the techniques that they had been taught by the Impact teachers over the past few days.
One of the lessons started about air pollution but then seemed to change about the property of air. The activity of the lesson involved using a balloon to show its space and weight when it was filled with air. A student blew it up and up until it POPPED much to everyone’s delight. 
The LO for her lesson was ‘I can know about air’ – brilliant that she had one but she hasn’t quite grasped the concept fully. 
Angela told me what would have been best would be to divide it in to two separate lessons focused on those particular subjects. For example –
Lesson 1: ‘I can explain what causes air pollution’
Lesson 2: ‘I can describe the different properties of air’
From there we set off to Vivek where I watched a computing lesson with no computers, had a tour of the school and chatted to the head teacher. His mum started the school in 1986 with only 2 classrooms and now it has grown to 3 buildings!!
We finished the day with feedback, the general consensus of the group was the ‘opinion line’ made by Caitlin and Steph worked really well. There was a sign on one side of the room saying ‘needs improvement’ and another one saying ‘very good’. The teachers had to stand up and walk to the side of the room dependent on where they thought they deserved to be in regards to topics such as punctuality, cooking and skills they had learnt his week.  
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