5 Tips for teaching during the festive season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but are you struggling for ideas on ways to teach about the holidays?  Do you need some inspiration on how to keep the classroom going in the run up to Christmas?  Here are our top 5 tips and ideas for you to kick start the festive season.

Number 1: A Christmas Quiz

Why not create a fun yet informative Christmas quiz with a prize for the winning team?  A quiz is a great way to get the whole class involved.  Questions could range from subjects such as geography – “where does Santa come from?” to mathematical equations about how long it takes Santa to deliver all the presents!  For more quiz ideas check out some great resources here!

Number 2: Create an advent calendar that tells a story

Feeling creative?  You could use PowerPoint or get imaginative and make a large wall advent calendar with boxes for each day of the run up to Christmas.  Behind each box could be a picture that you use to teach about the different symbols used at Christmas and the meaning behind them.  Where does the Christmas cracker come from?  Why do people eat Turkey at Christmas?  Get thinking.

Number 3: Teach about celebrations around the world

This is a great opportunity to teach about the different holidays that take place around the world during December.  Examples from Hannukah to Krampusnacht, Kwanzaa to Bodhi Day there are many cultural and religious holidays and events that take place during December and this is a great opportunity to teach students that there is more going on during the festive season than Christmas and presents.

Number 4: Decoration Time!

Why not let the students get artistic and have them help decorate the classroom?  They can create paperchains, snowflakes and posters to help make the classroom look more festive and get everyone ready for the holiday season.

Number 5: It’s all fun and games

As you pull into those last few days of term why not come up with some fun games the students can play.  You could run a Christmas Bingo using different symbols of Christmas, a Christmas Crossword to make the students think or let them get musical and come up with their own Christmas song in groups!

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