5 teaching hacks to encourage revision

The exam period is fast approaching. It’s the most important time in the school year – and not just for students. If you are currently teaching in the UK, you’ll already know that it’s vital for pupils to knuckle down and start revising sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, there will always be a number of students who reckon that they can get away with doing the bare minimum on the run up to exams. Obviously, this isn’t productive or advisable. Therefore, here are five teaching hacks that you could use to encourage your pupils to revise.

1. Ease into revision

You are best easing your students into the routine of revision. Rather than dropping your pupils in at the deep end, you could advise them to start with half an hour’s revision one night. Eventually, you should expand this to 45 minutes and so on until your pupils are in a good rhythm.

2. Revision guides

You really can’t overestimate the value of revision guides. You won’t want to make these directly. Instead, you can just advise your students how much time you expect them to spend on each subject. These revision guides should be bespoke to each individual’s needs, so you should avoid handing out the same one to all your students.

3. Emphasise the pros and cons

The benefit of revision, of course, is that it generally leads to great exam results. On the other hand, lack of revision will typically equate to poor grades. You can emphasise these pros and cons by holding mock exams. Those who have put in the effort should do well, whereas those who are lacking in the revision department should receive a much-needed reality check.

4. Pop quizzes

Pop quizzes are a fantastic way to stop students from leaving their revision until the last minute. If they think there’s a chance they will be tested regularly, your pupils won’t risk turning up to class unprepared and should be encouraged to revise.

5. Stress the importance of exams

Never assume that your students realise the full importance of exams. Remind them that tests aren’t just an opportunity to impress you and their parents. Instead, exams are part of a process that can lead to them accomplishing all of their hopes and dreams.

Break a leg!

These five hacks should really work to your advantage when it comes to encouraging your students to revise. With any luck, it will lead to some amazing exam results.

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