12 Reasons to Teach

There are many reasons to become a teacher, and once you are teaching in the UK you discover many more – and ones you weren’t expecting. Here are 12 reasons why becoming a teacher is a great idea:

12. Light bulb moments

Seeing students ‘get it’ at last, seeing a light switch on in their minds and then the look of pride and achievement on their face never loses its magic! Knowing that you have helped to develop a mind reminds you just how rewarding teaching is.

11. Professional relationships

The teaching profession, particularly in the UK, is one of solidarity and cohesion. There is a world in which teachers are united by a common purpose and a common passion for education. Being a part of such a large and vital profession means that you always have someone to ‘turn to’ and to collaborate with.

10. Great career prospects

The UK’s education system offers teachers a range of leadership and specialist teaching posts, right from the very beginning of your career. Schools develop and recruit leadership from ‘within’ and the chances of moving into a role of responsibility are always open should you seek them.

9. Career opportunities

There is at least one school in each community in the UK and in cities like London, there are multiple schools in each community, meaning that you never have to look for employment opportunities. Moving house within London or the UK is made simple when you know that there will always be schools nearby.

8. Work with celebrated professionals and academics

In the UK, the education system is at the heart of societal development and pedagogy, and school reform often attracts some of the country’s best minds. You will be working in a profession that is at the cutting edge of thinking and practice and will be able to learn from some of the most intellectual educationalists in the world.

7. Share your passion

We all have hobbies and passions that we love to share with others. Most schools in the UK have a strong enrichment or extra-curricular activity program in which teachers can share their passion for a subject, skill or sport with young people in a relaxed environment. You may be introducing young people to something new. And something that they would not ordinarily get the opportunity to experience.

Reasons to Teach6. Inspiring others to teach

Ask a teacher why they chose to enter the profession and among the comments about making a difference and a love of their subject, you will hear stories about their school days, a teacher who inspired them or a school that made them believe in education. Teachers inspire young people to teach by providing a positive experience of school. By making a difference and by showing young people that they can make a difference too.

5. Providing opportunities

Education has the power to change lives and to offer young people opportunities. By educating a child you support them in developing skills that will help them to make the most of the opportunities that are open to them and to open doors that would have otherwise been closed.

4. Creativity

Being a teacher in the UK gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity. As a forward thinking and dynamic education system, teachers are encouraged to be creative in their approach to teaching and to find new and interesting ways to engage young people in learning.

3. Being part of a community

In the UK, schools are not isolated places that teach children in a vacuum. They are an integral part of the community they serve. There is plenty of opportunity for the school and its teachers to collaborate with the local community and make a difference beyond the school’s walls. Feeling part of the community adds greater purpose to the teacher’s job. And allows you to witness the difference you are making to the people you are working with.

2. A way of life

Teaching in the UK is more than a job – it’s a way of life. As a teacher, you develop your love of learning and your belief in the power of education. You are an important member of the community and you feel the responsibility happily. You cannot ‘switch off’ from being a teacher and you cannot ‘lose’ your skills. Because being a teacher is something that lies in the foundation of your being.

1. Professional development

The UK education system has excellent CPD programs and seeks to ensure that all of its staff have access to the resources that are available. Unlike other jobs, you do not need to seek additional qualifications and skills outside of the workplace – the UK education system believes in investing in its teachers and you will be offered development that is appropriate to the direction you want your career to take.

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