About the Educator
Background Information:

Meet Ashley, a dedicated English teacher with six years of experience, hailing from a small mining town in northern Ontario. Seeking a new experience and the opportunity to expand her teaching horizons, Ashley decided to embark on a journey with Impact Teachers to teach in a more diverse setting and gain a fresh perspective on her craft.

Aspirations and Goals:

From the moment she filled out the online application, Ashley was impressed by the smooth and supportive process provided by Impact Teachers. Within the same day, she received an enthusiastic call from a consultant who collected all the necessary information and guided her through the essential next steps. The consultant prepared Ashley’s profile, reached out to schools based on her preferences, and supported her from the initial application to the interview and final placement. The consultant even put Ashley in touch with other teachers at her school before her arrival in the UK, which proved invaluable in setting up accommodation and forming lasting friendships.

Experience with Impact Teachers
The Procedure for Placement:

Throughout her placement, Ashley experienced numerous opportunities for professional growth and skill development. Working with a collaborative and supportive department, she learned new approaches to tackling the curriculum, different assessment methods, and valuable resources. The school’s framework and the guidance of an assigned mentor gave Ashley the confidence she needed in lesson planning, allowing her to focus more on delivery and other crucial aspects of teaching, such as developing rapport, managing challenging behavior, and trying new strategies.

Effect on Career Development
Skill Development:

Despite the initial challenges of adapting to a new educational system, Ashley found solace in the support provided by her Impact Teachers consultant, who was always available to lend a listening ear and offer guidance. The school staff and department also worked together as a united front, ensuring that the success of one teacher was the success of the entire team. This collaborative spirit was particularly evident during an Ofsted inspection, where Ashley’s hard work and dedication resulted in a “Good” lesson with outstanding features within her first few months at the school.

Challenges Overcome:

One of Ashley’s proudest achievements was helping students overcome their fear of public speaking. By breaking down the task into smaller chunks and employing creative strategies to break the ice, she empowered her students to build confidence and complete the assignment successfully. The impact of her efforts extended beyond the classroom, with students applying the same strategies to succeed in summer job interviews and other challenging situations.

Contributions to the Educational Community
Inside the Classroom:

Ashley’s presence as an overseas teacher also had a positive impact on the school community. The students, who rarely encountered tourists in their town, took pride in knowing that teachers from different countries and regions were coming to work at their school, boosting both school and town morale.

Outside of the Classroom:

Outside the classroom, Ashley enjoyed interacting with students and teachers, making her feel like a valued part of the community.

Introspection and Goals for the Future

Looking back on her experience, Ashley is grateful for the excellent job Impact Teachers did in finding the perfect school fit, aligning location, staff demographics, and life situations. The most rewarding aspects of her job were winning over a difficult class, earning their respect through determination and perseverance, and receiving invaluable feedback from mentors and fellow teachers.

Future Goals:

Without hesitation, Ashley would work with Impact Teachers again to further her long-term goals in the teaching profession. Her experience has not only enhanced her skills as an educator but has also provided her with a newfound appreciation for the power of a supportive and collaborative educational community.

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