Preparing for our Overseas Teacher Training trip to India

India is somewhere that I have always wanted to go so with only one sleep until we head off I am SO unbelievably excited!!

I’m sure my colleagues would tell you when It comes to my travel I do have a tendency to do things slightly last minute (there is one story which involves me almost missing a flight by an entire 24 hours which they often remind me of, hilariously).
This time though I was determined things would be different…sadly I am currently staring at my empty bag and this blog was meant to have been written two weeks ago, so probably not everyone’s idea of organisation but hey ho I’ve got my visa, that’s the main thing right?!
On Friday evening we fly out of London and arrive in Delhi on Saturday morning. We then have the weekend to settle in, see some sights and prepare for the busy week ahead.
Hopefully if you are reading this you know a little bit about the work we do in India through our Overseas Teacher Training programme. If not I will tell you very simply and quickly – a group of our teachers who are working in England come with us (Impact) to help train local teachers in India. Helping them with general teaching skills such as lesson planning and behaviour management to improve education globally.
As I am not a trained teacher, my role there will be to assist where I can with the group, take photos and videos, document the days on this blog and anything else that pops up along the way.
So you will be hearing more from me with daily updates and an insight into what these life changing trips are like.
In order to prepare myself I have been practicing Hindi words in the office, much to some of my colleagues dismay. I can say hello (Namaste), thank you (Dhanyavaad) and Goodbye (Alvida). Now that I’ve written it down my progress does seem slightly pathetic, I think I need to focus on a few more words.
I have also been researching things about India and one article that was sent to me I thought was very interesting about a boy who got lost and 25 years later found his family on Google Earth!
Here’s hoping I don’t fall asleep at a train station and totally lose my direction, although it does seem like something I would do.
I now need to go through the very organised list that has been given to me by the trip leader, figure out what I still need to do and then head to bed with some cold & flu tablets to shake this nasty cold that I currently have!
Wish me luck 🙂

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