Today was a busy one. With the school closures yesterday we had to work extra hard today to get round to all our teachers and make sure that we observed them one last time as tomorrow and Friday are their exam days. I was proud to see the improvements in my teachers from their first observation but still think there is room for them to do even better. I want them to get the highest possible grade for their lessons!
In our transit between each of our schools the team and I have had a lot of time to sus out the bedlam that is Indian traffic. Basically it is just organised chaos. It works because everyone is crazy. Trying to introduce any kind of order to this traffic would simply not work. The amazing thing is that no matter how busy it is, how big a load they are carrying, or how many people they have crowded onto their motor bike/rickshaw/tuk tuk, they always continue to push forwards. It’s like the operate in some kind of chaotic harmony, because no matter what happens no one ever seems to panic.
Once our seminar this afternoon was complete we got to have some crucial one on one time with each of our teachers. It was amazing to see how nervous each one of them were when receiving their feedback. They invest so much energy into their planning and I can see that they are desperately trying to impress. They hang on our every word and love getting any constructive feedback they can use to impress. It is actually very humbling to see how much they trust and respect our professional feedback and suggestions. It makes me feel a responsibility to get it right for them and take the time to ensure I am thorough with all my feedback and very clear with what they need to do to improve.
I am well impressed with the whole Impact team we have here. Alison leads everything from the front and all the team are putting in the effort to do right by our teachers. On top of all of that the group has gelled well are helping one another out professionally, and have got some great banter going! Oh, almost forgot, food is still all awesome, guts are still all good, and it is well hot outside of the air conned rooms.

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