India Trip – April 2015 | Day 3

6:15 our alarm went off and I groaned. After a long Sunday and little sleep on Saturday I could have slept all day but knowing what we had to look forward to energised me and I jumped out of bed and got ready. After a quick breakfast and nearly forgetting the camera battery we were picked up and carted off to the various schools we would be visiting. I joined Group 1 and we headed into the first school, Janka Modern, where our teachers observed the local teachers across various year levels and then headed around the corner to Happy Children School (how cute is that??) where there was one more observation of a Reception class. We finished and headed for BR Modern school for the next set of observations before ending at Vikas Modern School for the afternoon classes. We had lunch and then our teachers prepared their mock lesson to demonstrate to the local teachers. Once all the teachers had arrived they welcomed them back and began the training. They finished the day by splitting into groups to discuss strategies and the main topic of the day- differentiation. So far the week is off to a great start! 

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