Day 4 on our Overseas Teacher Training Trip

So I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself yesterday by saying maybe tomorrow will be less eventful as I’ve spent the day in my hotel room.

This morning I woke up feeling a little queezy and by the time I got down to breakfast I had to run back upstairs again to be sick. 
Stacey brought me up a big bottle of water and some toast but even sipping the water was questionable. So, I had to stay in 🙁 
My day pretty much consisted of sleeping, I slept from 7:30 – 12:30 then was awake for a little bit, skyped a colleague and went back to sleep from about 2-4. So it’s been a productive day…
I put a sign on my door saying do not disturb but I seem to remember being woken up by two Indian men walking into my room to find me half awake still wearing my eye mask telling them to please leave and ‘no I do not want a newspaper!’ Either they don’t understand their own signs or I was having very strange dreams. I guess I’ll never know! 
Later on when the others arrived back to the hotel they had a debrief from the day and headed off for dinner. 
Caitlin, my roommate offered to get me some plain rice and a knife so I could indulge in her stash of crackers and Vegemite but soon after she left there was a knock on the door and the sweet waiter was at my door. He said he had noticed I was missing from dinner and  brought in a massive bowl of rice and then made me sit down while he checked my temperature! He also told me off for saying thank you too much. The people here are so kind and so hospitable,  5 minutes later he returned again with some garlic naan! 
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