Day 1 on our Overseas Teacher Training Trip

We started off our journey in a very slight panic with Beckie, one of the teachers getting stuck on the M25 for 5 hours!! She made it to the airport with 45 minutes until we left and luckily they were willing to whisk her through security! So the 10 of us set off and enjoyed (I guess) the 8 hour flight.

Then to Delhi…
We arrived at 10:30am and when we finally got everyone out and in the open we took a taxi for about an hour to the hotel.
During that time there was so much to see. Some of those things included: 10 grown men squeezed in a car, a man on the back of a bike holding 2 dead chickens (feathers and all) in either hand, a family of 4 on a motorcycle (mum, dad, child & mother-in-law) and 6 people on a teeny tuk-tuk!
But there was so much more than that, that was just some of the amusing highlights. I feel as if I need to do each journey 3 or 4 times just to take in all the sights, sounds and smells.
Once we arrived at the hotel we met up with two of the guys who had arrived a week before, as they had been doing their own bit of travelling. Making the total group number 12.
We had a little time to eat some delicious lunch and then headed off for a couple of cultural/touristy things. First of all a war memorial commemorating the 82,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives in WW1 and then we went on to a market filled with beautiful fabrics, jewelry, scarves and souvenirs.
So far it hasn’t been as confronting as I was expecting it to be.  We haven’t come into contact with many beggars although the experiences we have had have of course been hard to see. There is definitely a lot of poverty and you notice it with the little makeshift huts next to the highway.
After returning to the hotel and stuffing ourselves silly with curry we were all in our rooms by 8:30, and I myself, was asleep before 9:45!
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