This post comes from the wonderful Jen Roberts who has experienced the difference  BEN can make on 2 trips. She was a trip leader in Uganda in April 2011 and April 2012.

My Favorite Memories:
           Making chapatti
–           Learning (or rather being amazed by) the drumming from the students at Alpha and Omega school
–         The warm hospitality shown by everything we met!   
        My Favorite Teaching Memories:
–         Watching the growth of the teachers over 1 week.
–         Being inspired by the thirst for knowledge from everyone!
–         Observing a Science lesson on displacement using just a cup of water and rock.
–         Sharing knowledge and laughs with the Ugandan teachers- learning from each other was incredible!
  What BEN trips mean:
–         Expanding our world view and knowledge by discovering new approaches. 
–         Being able to give back  to those I met whilst receiving much more in return. 
–         Sharing teaching tips and tricks with each other as well as knowledge and cultures. 
        How the Impact trips have impacted my teaching skills and life in general:
–          The BEN trips continually remind me to be open-minded and grateful for what we have in the West.
–         To make the best of whatever situation we have – there is always a positive!
–          It has really helped me to convey to my students how fortunate we are.

      If you want to find out more about our Beyond Educational Needs trips or are interested in attending a future trip, please get in touch with our BEN Manager Stacey at [email protected] or call us on 0207 7223 0006

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