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5 Tips for Creating Classroom Rules

Feb 19, 2020 | Posted by Impact Teachers
Teachers understand that classroom rules form the foundation of behaviour management. Expectations...
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Uniforms - the great debate

Jan 26, 2018 | Posted by Impact Teachers
Uniforms – are they a way to ensure concentration and uniformity or do they actually become a...
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Three great ways to help your secondary school students get organised!

Sep 19, 2017 | Posted by Impact Teachers
As a teacher, you'll know just how important it is to get organised, ahead of the school term, and...
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Top revision tips to teach to your students

Sep 7, 2017 | Posted by Impact Teachers
Whilst GCSE and A-Level Results Days may be over for another year, it won't be too long before...
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6 teaching hacks to reveal poor exam results

Jun 29, 2017 | Posted by Impact Teachers
Those currently teaching in the UK will have recently breathed a sigh of relief when the exam...
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10 simple teaching methods to motivate students

Jun 27, 2017 | Posted by Impact Teachers
It won’t really matter how much you know your subject or how much material you give your students,...
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Body language: Simple teaching hack that will keep students engaged

May 4, 2017 | Posted by Impact Teachers
Cultures and the attitudes of students differ depending on whether you're teaching in the UK or...
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3 great hacks to save money on classroom DIY

May 2, 2017 | Posted by Impact Teachers
Every teacher in the UK wants their classroom to be an engaging, welcoming space for their students...